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Annika is an award-winning, Charleston, SC born, singer-songwriter and worship director. Annika's sound includes the soulful elements of Adele, RnB qualities of Amy Winehouse, and the current twist of ZZ Ward. She utilizes these influences to cover songs from all genres and decades as well as develop her own music with a very personal feel. Each performance has the unique touch of deep soulful roots with a modern approach and is a new opportunity to share her passion with the audience. ​ In addition to being a live musician and singer-songwriter, she is also a Worship Director. She was selected a finalist in the Exalt! inspirational and Christian vocal competition in 2018, and went on to win the competition with an original song written specifically for the show. As a result, she was given the opportunity to record her music at CMJ Recordings in Gastonia, NC. She released her debut album titled "OUTPOUR" in October of 2019. See the venues tab on her website for her upcoming events.