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RAINMAKER are a 4 piece post-punk/shoegaze band hailing from Exeter and are now based in Bristol. Forming through their love of music at college in 2016, they were quickly immersed in the music scenes of Exeter and Plymouth and shortly found themselves dubbed one of BBC Introducing in Devon’s “favourite discoveries of 2017” by presenter James Santer, after gaining airtime and a live session for the BBC supporting their first EP ‘Waning Moods'. They released their 2nd EP ‘Shelly’ via Bristol DIY label Quit Yr Job Records in December 2017, which you can stream on Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms online. Limited cassettes also available. Combining fuzzy riffs, droney vocals, pulsing drums and melodic basslines, they form an amalgamation of records you might find in a young Dad's attic. FFO: My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr, Joy Division, The Pixies, The Cure, Peace