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Hello! My name is "Cleeve Morris", I'm influenced by all kind of stuff, like Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Yes, A-ha, Game Music, 80's Japanese Pop Music, M83, Jean-Michel Jarre, Tycho, Com Truise... Since 2013, after spend some time in web and graphic projects doing digital arts and sounds, I decided create more based 70/80/90's stuff. Since then, I did some tracks and an EP called MIND. In 2015, "Midnight Rider" was on Drive Radio's Top 10 (Week 44/October) and in 2016, on the first brazilian Synthwave collection, called "Savage Streets", by Retro Attack. In 2017, "Detroit Destruction" was on Stage by Sony website (in video), as a simple Robocop film tribute I made. I Hope you enjoy my sound!