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Julian Lamadrid is a Mexican singer, songwriter, producer, and filmmaker. Raised in Dubai, a city that grew alongside him, he found himself inspired by other cultures that were heavily influenced by rock, artists that were not afraid to break through barriers, and films that explored the stylistic lifestyle he was never exposed to. Following his passions, the music he loved and the films that inspired him, he moved to New York, a city filled with culture to study at NYU, majoring in Film & TV, while working on his music in his apartment. His first album, Mala Noche, was made during a time of deep self reflection, solitude, and an effort to encapsulate his time in New York. In the process of producing and writing Mala Noche, he found himself even more inspired to find different sounds and to transform how we listen to music. This has culminated with the completion of his second record, Rebels of the Neon God, which will be released in the Fall of 2021. Similar to his music, Julian’s live show tests the limits of current Pop music, channeling the energy of rock icons, such as Iggy Pop and Freddie Mercury, into a refreshing and daring performance.