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After 4 years of hard work, it's finally here. The new album is called “In Turbulence”. With eight strong and varied songs, the record is the implementation of the concept of a collaboration between Morrigu and multiple different artists. Musically, it is a cross section of all previous albums that the band has released. Morrigu’s music will appeal to fans of Amorphis, Dark Tranquility or Evergrey. The band wanted the best quality for their music and work with real instruments, instead of sampling They asked musicians from all over the world to work with them. With Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates, The Haunted) on drums, a big collaborator could be found. Together with the experience of Adrian and Jakob Herrmann, who engineered the recording in his Top Floor Studio, they got the drum sound that they had dreamed of. Another highlight is Elektra Amber. She has a world class voice and the band were so enthusiastic that they hired her for two songs. As with the last album, Jens Bogren was commissioned for the mastering. Various artists were also hired for the album artwork, with Niklas Sundin drawing the phoenix on the front cover and the rest being a mix of art by Gustafo Sazes and Stefan Skjoedt. Morrigu has been in the metal scene for over twenty years.