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NEKO is an exciting, brand new project focused on music production through a unique concept. The backbone of NEKO is Erik Lidbom from Hitfire Production (a prominent Swedish music production company). Erik Lidbom is a world-renowned music producer whose focus has always been on the Asian market, particularly Jpop and Kpop. Erik has written and produced songs for many acclaimed Asian superstars such as Girls Generation, EXILE tribe, Kana Nishino and Namie Amuro with more than 45 million physical copies of his tracks have been sold worldwide. After years writing for other artists, Erik Lidbom wanted to create an outlet for the music he made without any restrictions from the artists and bands he’s working with, and NEKO was born. Believing that creating music is something truly special and extraordinary, we have concentrated on producing songs that are exclusively written because of two things – pure inspiration and the love of music.