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The new single ‘Karma’s A Bitch’ captures the essence of Jack's alluring vocals which are always a highlight of the intense live shows. It’s a song about heartbreak, expressed as a mid-tempo soul piece. ‘Karma’s A Bitch’ is based on real-life events.

It’s about someone that put their heart on the line, risked everything, and walked away with nothing. The main hook, ‘Karma’s A Bitch’, is not to be taken literally, but rather to be discerned as, Karma’s A Bitch to those who have malicious intent towards others - you reap what you sow. . . Love is a lot of things, but “safe” isn’t one of them. Melding Gypsy and Spiritual evolution with a live sound that spans Rock and contemporary genres, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songstress, Kiara Jack brings you a fusion of Soul and World music to illuminate even your wildest musical curiosities. Kiara's songs are receiving radio airplay across Queensland, Melbourne, Sydney, Victoria and all over Western Australia, New South Wales and South Australia. “There is an unsullied rawness to Jack's music, this is no fuss modern gypsy dance music. She has a distinct and likeable character . . . Kiara Jack is clearly a mystical mumma, but has her tongue firmly in her cheek. She leads the revelry but keeps it very real and grounded " – Green Music Australia