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"Delo Darya" translates in Farsi as " the heart and ocean ' as Pegah Ahani's singing alias. Born in Tehran, Iran, Delo immigrated to Canada when she was four years old, and was raised in our beautiful City of Vancouver, BC. Her passion for the performance arts has framed her journey into discovering her artistry. Music and poetry has always been a artistic medium of expression for Delo. Her passion for creating art that unites humanity is conveyed in her songwriting style and the emotion in her singing. She hopes to inspire people to love life with her voice. Her background in music has been influenced by Soul, R&B , Hip-Hop, Indie, Jazz and Pop. Delo's smokey tone and soulful style gives her music edge and flavour. For this artist music is all about the energy and vibration with a message that speaks to your soul and invigorates your mind.