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CD's/Highlights: 1987 Bachelor of Music Theory/Composition - UF, Gainesville, FL 1997 Joined Faculty, audio engineering/multimedia - Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale 1998 Production assistant - Daryll Dobson's HEALING INTENTIONS 2001 Bassist on John Mascaro's RESTORATION 2001 Established FALKREATIONS MUSIC (BMI) - indie record label/publisher/distributor 2001 Released NATIVE TONGUE, debut solo enhanced CD 2003 Produced/performed on Mike Corbin's ACOUSTIC WARRIORS 2005 Produced David Gregorisch's DISSECTING THE FROG 2007 Produced/performed on Marcel Morejon's ESPIRITU 2007 Completed THE BELLIGER SYMPHONY 2008 Performed on Dorian Vaz's SEPIA, Daniel Bartley’s LUV SICK, Gregory Thompson’s

I DIDN’T FALL IN LOVE and Michael Zager's WE LEARN TO GROW 2009 Master's in Commercial Music Composition/Production - FAU, Boca Raton, FL 2010 Released RETRO-RESPECT, solo tribute CD 2010 Released WEDDING DAY, solo piano CD 2010 Co-founded BIGTIME TRIBUTES 2011 Performed on Dorian Vaz’s INDIGO 2012 Published/distributed A. K. Radaydeh's INFERNO 2012 Published/distributed A. K. Radaydeh's HUMAN CONDITION:OUD 2014 Full-time at FALKREATIONS MUSIC/BIGTIME TRIBUTES 2016 Released NATIVE TONGUE II 2016 Released TRONIC, solo single 2017 Released DEL'S DREAM and LOVE CYCLONE, solo singles 2018 Published/distributed A. K. Radaydeh's SENTIMENTAL RAGE 2019 Released UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN, symphonic rendition of Shelly Dubow's solo piano