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POLS is a duo-project by the dj/producers Paolo and Vincent, from the Italy. With their shared passion for music, the guys have worked tirelessly to refine their dynamic sound and now they are currently producing very interesting Techno and Tech-House music, that is constantly growing day by day. The duo loves to blend analog with digital, using their arsenal of classic synthesizers from Moog and Roland with the latest technology to create their signature brand of music. Their style often features a mixture of dark and brooding basslines with melodic arpeggiated synthesizers and rhythmic chord progressions, all layered over a driving groove from the drums, producing a sound that is certain to move any dancefloor. POLS continues to build an impressive catalogue of music and have prior releases on a number of labels including Frequenza Records, Kuukou Records, Ballroom Records, Black Kat, Advanced (White), Dolma Red, Music is 4 Lovers, M5, Monotonik Cutz and more. In addition, POLS will be releasing music in August 2020 on Techno legend Kevin Saunderson’s KMS Records. Prior to starting POLS, Vincent found success with other projects called Blazars and VEGAMOORE, releasing music on labels like Spinnin’, DIM MAK, and NCS. Paolo would cut his teeth woking the the local scene as a DJ playing parties. Together they would find common ground through their love of Techno music, forming a partnership that blends Paolos artistic vision with Vincents musical production skills.