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German hard rock outfit Angelsharkx creates original music inspired by the glory days of 70s rock but perfectly suited to modern life. Their sound echoes past giants like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Guns and Roses, Alice Cooper, and Rainbow and their lyrics dive into protest and social commentary. Principle members Matt MAD Sunday (guitar, vocals), Jazzmine (guitar, vocals) and their brothers-in-rock (bass, rhythm guitar and drums) channel the raw energy that has always driven great rock bands and use it to connect with Rock´n Roll fans the world over. In an environment where rap and hip hop rule the mainstream, Angelsharkx delivers authentic blues-based rock and roll with the fire and potential to put real music back on top of the charts. After their powerful debut NEVERMIND THE HELLDOGS, real and heavy Rock´n Roll comes again from the MAD SUNDAY label.

Singer and guitar maniac Matt `MAD´ Sunday as well as witch-in-chief Jazzmine and the ANGELSHARKX show themselves resolutely with their clever interpretation of Retro-Rock, garnished with delicious ingredients from Classic-