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Long time recording artist and new comer to the world of music streaming, guitarist/composer Keith Gehle is now sharing his work on Spotify. Released in the summer of 2016, Space and Time is a unique musical journey of healing through sound. The recording features steel and nylon string guitars as well as piano, cello, flute, oboe, strings & synth pads. Keith wrote & produced the recordings over a period of several years after the unexpected death of his brother. The process of grieving coupled with writing and recording music as a tribute to his late brother was difficult and at times painful. The resulting work is honest, pure, and for Keith, a healing endeavor. “...the music is hopeful, heartfelt, and very sincere in addition to being exceptionally beautiful of the best guitar albums I heard this year. Highly recommended!” - “...a lovely and peaceful album, ‘Space and Time’ is like a welcome breath of fresh air...” - Journeyscapes Radio “A masterpiece of New Age instrumental sounds, filled with moving melodies.” - Music Web Express 3000 “I would say ‘Space and Time’ is your most ‘spiritual’ work. It’s apparent you’re drawing inspiration from the stillness of nature and dusky silhouettes. I’ve been very stressed lately so this is exactly what I needed.” - David (a listener)