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It's not surprising time is a theme continually revisited by musical sisters Aly & AJ. Having achieved success in the entertainment industry as early adolescents, when the duo step back and examine their time and career achievements they do it differently than most adults. 'Ten Years' (which came out after a decade long hiatus) felt simultaneously like a new beginning and a reintroduction- exploring the reckless fun of their 20s and the relationships of that era with a light and airy synth-pop throwback sound. Now, Aly and AJ return with an evolution of that sound on their new EP 'Sanctuary', a five song examination of the soul searching that comes after those feelings writ across the Ten Years EP.

After years of battling with major labels and an industry eager to define their identity and shape their sound and story, Aly and AJ spent their 20s stepping back and pursuing acting opportunities. The Michalka sisters, having always sought solace in songwriting, had lost touch with their musical passion. Their energy poured into their acting and producing projects. 'Ten Years' was a collection of shimmering pop tracks that were brimming with a new found sense of energy and excitement that was impossible to ignore. Throughout their new ep 'Sanctuary', 80’s inspired synth, electronic textures and layered harmonies are bound together by an undeniable and resounding strength from the sisters who are not afraid to let their voices and stories be heard.