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A collage of textures and layers prevails in Beautiful Broken Brain, Kinetic Field’s debut EP. The three-track release is dynamic throughout, with spatialization creating a unique sense of depth and movement. In “Learn From The Bottom Up,”glitchy sounds reflect like shards of glass against a warm bassline and soaring synths. “I Am” resembles thousands of sonic microdots floating and bouncing in space like electrons, where in “Higgs Field,” tension collapses into a state of euphoric release. Inspired by electronic acts such as Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin and guitar-based bands like DIIV and Beach House, Kinetic Field settles into a distinct niche of music that captures ambient music’s emotive quality with indie-style singing and storyline. The tracks muse on themes such as social indoctrination and time’s nonlinear nature, while the name “Kinetic Field” is inspired by an imaginary landscape and kinetic art, where movement is capable of creating illusions and patterns. Kinetic Field requires active listening: every granular detail is painstakingly thought-out by the duo, while with every new listen, another element or quality can be discovered within the music.