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Within one year, Dirty D´Sire released 2 CDs, reached the TOP5 Spotify charts and had over 1 million people listening to their songs. Dirty D´Sire was founded by Dee Dammers (guitarist for U.D.O.), who was currently living in Cambridge, England. While touring Australia, he wrote the first songs for Dirty D´Sire, at the beach of St. Kilda. Dee Dammers hired Jean Bormann (Rage) and Robin Simon to release the debut EP "Hurricane". The EP was financed due to a successful crowdfunding campaign. Only 8 months later the full-length album We Own The Night followed and the band played two headliner tours all over Germany. In 2019, Dee Dammers continued Dirty D´Sire without the former members and released a new song called "Teeth", featuring Vitja´s frontman Gabriel Spigolon and Sondaschule drummer Fabian Michaelis.