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The Limestones' humble beginnings date back to 1989--the year Jed Anderson, Brent Cataldo, and Ben Lunstad ('92) formed the group. From the start, the Limestones have been made up of budding musicians and exceptional musical arrangements. The Limestones have performed throughout the Midwest for schools, businesses, private functions, and performed in such places as The Ordway Center in St. Paul, MN, The State Theatre in Minneapolis, MN, and on Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion (2001, 2015). The Limestones have also been able to performed with professional a cappella groups such as Ball in the House, M-Pact, Face, and Rockapella. Most of the music performed by The Limestones, is either written or arranged by members of the group. Over the years, many young male-identifying adults have experienced the camaraderie and brotherhood that the group fosters. Like any serious group, being in the Limestones is no free ticket. It takes a lot of hard work starting the moment a student decides to try out. There's the rigorous audition process, the weeklong 10-hour/day rehearsal sessions at Camp Limestones, the 3+ hours of rehearsals each week during St. Olaf's demanding school year, all on top of just trying to be a normal college student. It takes hard work, leadership, understanding, and most of all, love. Love for the guys in the group, love for the music we make together, and love for the fans.