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Haloroid (HLRD) are a 3-piece band from Nuremberg, Germany founded in 2016. Members are Drummer Oliver Herrmann, Guitarist Stefan Goldmann and Singer Dirk Moersdorf. Coming from different musical backgrounds they started a new journey always aiming to nail down the Zeitgeist in captivating sounds and words. Their music combines diverse influences from the alternative rock roster and sound landscapes from contemporary indie pop. Lyric-wise HLRD bring on paper what they feel are the most relevant topics of their time and social environment: climate change, religious conflicts, hedonism and individualism, but also personal experiences of love, angst and obsession. Walls is one of many new compositions after their first EP release in 2016. The song explains in an emotional way the void between western society's likely most important value - freedom - and the solitude and anxiety during the pandemic. HLRD's new songs were produced in the renowned H.O.M.E. Studios in Hamburg, where Depeche Mode, Eminem and Rammstein (a.o.) recorded too. HLRD will release more of the new material in the course of 2021. Listening to the previous EP "Repeat Repeat Repeat" is still a great experience to learn where they come from. It represents a phase with a more recognizable alternative rock songwriting and sound.

At the same time it suggests the now much more prominent inclination to melodies and softer and catchier pop sounds.