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Heavily influenced by great songwriters and the worldwide connection to a hot beat, WANDERRAVEN has created a sonic landscape that makes you feel good but also has depth. The songs are a beat driven blend of electronic drums, pop synths and funky guitars that keep the groove permeating throughout, while subtle accents of acoustic guitar reveal a human touch. Lyrically, karmic memories and aspirations emerge, dealing with the real world, our spiritual path, and relationships - all delivered authentically in a distinctive voice. "Michael Pearsall, a New Jersey native, has a cool vibey pop, electronic, indie music solo project called WANDERRAVEN. His live performance setup is pretty interesting... he integrates electronic loop triggers mixed with live vocals and melodic guitar riffs.” - musicneighbors.org “WANDERRAVEN is one of those artists that can amaze you if you allow them to.” - cheerstothevikings.com "This new single from artist WANDERRAVEN is a sexy well produced jam with hints of electronica and acoustic pop. WANDERRAVEN'S vocals are cut through the rhythm track and make you want to sing along from the first hook and the lyrical play keeps you hanging on to every word until the very last note. This song feels like it was made for radio and could even be featured in some new sexy HBO show at some point. I would definitely put WANDERRAVEN on your playlist now so that you will be able to tell everyone, "I heard him first!”” - Love Music Blog