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Impossible. Insurmountable. Unattainable. These adjectives possess no meaning in the lexicon of Pavel Stuchlik. At only 26-years-old, Stuchlik has already accomplished more in a decade than most humans do in a lifetime. Today marks the full transition of Stuchlik’s pivot from professional athlete to business entrepreneur to artist. The age of NOA | AON has arrived. NOA | AON represents flip sides of the same coin, the ying-and-yang of the cosmos itself where NOA means freedom, love and movement; AON stands for, “all or nothing.” NOA | AON is symbolic of a shift taking place in the world of contemporary electronic music. By approaching DJing and production with the methodology of a healer, he’s set out to “create the modern good” through an ongoing body of work. “NOA” means three different things depending on the language: “freedom” in Hawaiian, “love” in Japanese and “movement” in Hebrew. “AON,” its palindrome, stands for “all or nothing.” Either concept is but one side of the same coin and together they stand for a collective celebration of life as expressed through the musical medium. <br>