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On September 30th DTF (Down to Funk, are You?) ft JENNY SILVER is released. A groovy, sexy tune, in the funk and disco tradition, but modern sounding. Jenny, a musical FEMME FATALE sounding like a mix of Dua Lipa and Dawn Silva. It´s shiny, glittering, SilverFunk with a twist of boogie n disco, in presence of the P! SilverTwins Of Funk are: Fronkpac & Matt the guitarman (Fredrik Jahn & Mattias Adolfsson, Stonefunkers, Funkmachines, Done Guntan). Close and recurring collaborations include Swedish funkgiant M-Rock Emrik Larsson (Stonefunkers, WeFunky Band), Wojtek Goral (Justin Timberlake, The Weeknd and more). First single was released June 2020. Since then 9 singles.

The songs have radioplays on all five continents. It was silver in the air, shiny, glittering, like the stars, dazzled and open to the Funk Fronkpac dug into his heart and found the One. Like a true funkmachine cant´stop, the echo of the past blended in, a feeling of truth emerged and beats started pumpin. Holy Moly, the Guitar man came along!