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Born and raised in Athens, Georgia, Pat began his music education with classical piano lessons starting in 1985. He started his first band, Volaré, in 1993. Volaré blended an interesting mix of fusion, progressive rock, and jazz, and released The Uncertainty Principle (The Laser’s Edge) in 1997, achieving critical acclaim with an international audience.
 He currently tours nationally with Remember When Rock Was Young: The Elton John Tribute. When he’s not on tour, Pat works with various other groups in the Athens/Atlanta area, including fusion guitarist Bill Hart (Touch of Blue and “Live at the Red Clay Theater”).
 Other artists he’s worked with include Otis Redding III, John Berry, Radiolucent, Connor Pledger, Jim Perkins, Ian Webber (The Tender Idols), French TV, Kara Waters, Rhythm Jets, set on edge, and Bumpin' The Mango.