all cats are beautiful


  1. 1.
    my batteries r low and its getting dark (b seeing u)
  2. 2.
    lucky cloud
  3. 3.
    im not psychic, obvs
  4. 4.
    seems like every1 some kinda expert now
  5. 5.
    tiny pinpricks of u
all cats are beautiful are an all female/non binary queer music collective from Hackney, East London.
They blend contemporary pop/IDM sonics with chamber music, electronica and post-minimalism to create a dense and intricate sound evoking nostalgia, loss, love and friendship.
Their 2nd EP was released through Fu Inle Records in November 2018 and their 3rd through Third Kind Records in July 2019 on limited edition cassette.
In 2020 the group began a series of cover singles with Daniel Johnston's 'True Love Will Find You In The End', followed up with 'Lucky Cloud' by Arthur Russell in January 2021. During the global pandemic the band collaborated with a number of their friends and contemporaries on the quarantine themed 'wishin i cld fit in ur bckpk' and wrote and produced two new records for release in 2021.


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