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Movin’ K are a rock band formed in Milan (Italy) in 2006. The group is led by Francesco “K” Epiro (from Black Riders, celebrated prog band from Milan underground music scene in the period 1993-2001, support band for Porcupine Tree at Prog Fest 1999 in Vigevano) and Maria Rita Briganti (vocal coach at Centro di Formazione Artistica “Arcademia” in Omegna (VCO), Gospel Choir Director for Black Inside ensemble and student with Maestro Albert Hera) and consists of musicians with long-time live and studio experience. The sound of Movin’ K it’s an original and sophisticated combination of elements from rock, prog, funk and pop and, at the same time, a never-ending research of music including genres such as electronic, acoustic soul and world music. The band has a wide original repertoire and song lyrics are deep, inspired and full of meanings. The name of the band means “A constant movement…spiritual, emotional and phisical. An endless journey in balance between illusion and divine; Movin’ the Key to find the inner pathway revealing the Truth hidden through the shadows of our hearts…with the need of leading people to God through the magic of music and the strength of words”. LINE UP Maria Rita Briganti (vox) - Francesco “K” Epiro (vox, piano, keys and principal author & composer of MK’s songs) Salvatore Gagliano (guitars) - Federico Mongelli (drums, percussions) - Riccardo “L” Sostene (bass)