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Nox Aeterna is a five-headed melodic death metal band from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Formed in 2002, Nox Aeterna is an experienced band with an extensive repertoire and a solid sound. Inspired by Scandinavian and old school metal, Nox Aeterna creates their own heavy and melodic sound. Nox Aeterna (Eternal Night in Latin) is formed by lead vocalist and guitar player Arnold Boukes, Debbie Maasdam on guitar, Erik de Beijer on bass guitar, Gerard Baai on keys and drummer James Koppelaar. Nox Aeterna has played on several stages and in- and outdoor festivals. By attending a show, count on a heavy portion of metal and a fair dose of humor! Check out Arnold Boukes | Guitar & lead vocals Debbie Maasdam | Guitar & backing vocals Erik de Beijer | Bass guitar & backing vocals James Koppelaar | Drums Gerard Baai | Keys