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Since the turn of the century, a fearless band of misfit rogues has been terrorizing and delighting audiences with a unique blend of hilarity and harmonies. Since 2001, Musical Blades have brought their unique brand of “renaissance rock show” to countless renaissance festivals, clubs and concert venues across the United States. With soaring harmonies, rocking mug-bangers, and side-splitting comedy, Musical Blades bring something for everyone. Offering a range of musical styles from pub chant-alongs, to rowdy folk-rock favorites and tear-jerking sea ballads, this pirate crew plunders the hearts of audiences wherever they go. The Blades are equally at home with acoustics and hand drums as they are with electric guitars and a full drum kit. Musical Blades have been nationally recognized several times over, with countless awards. Renaissance Magazine has named Musical Blades as one of the Best Comedy Musical Shows several years in a row, including being listed in the Top 100 Faire acts of all time. Musical Blades continue onward. Making port at new fairs, new club performances, and even new continents, the Blades are constantly on the hunt for new locations to spread their unique brand of piracy.