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You truly have not felt a song talk to your soul until you’ve heard The American Dollar. Turn up the volume, play one of their tunes - you might begin to notice you feel more alive, and want to continue feeling the music in your heart, as you’re taken to new places with each new melody. Your friends may have told you about The American Dollar, how each guitar strum, piano note, and bombastic beat makes you forget about all the distractions in the world, and focus entirely on the appealing melodies. You experience every low and high like an airplane in the sky, a calm sense of euphoria.. until the song is over. But get excited, because 100's of songs by The American Dollar await your discovery. Listen repeatedly, because you might notice your adventure changes each time, maybe even helping you work or sleep, too. 
 You might love an artist with a good history. The American Dollar plays worldwide concerts and makes 100's of songs - heard by millions of people and featured in thousands of films and TV shows. Rich Cupolo mixes every song, and along with John Emanuele, produces the songs and each live concert. They're from Queens, NYC. Rich learned piano at age seven, John the drums at age five. They became friends in high school, and formed the project after a sound experiment created "Everyone Gets Shot". Listen often, and share their music, because it's excellent to hear their great songs. --