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Navigating the “Balanço Diferente” (Different Swing) by Mario Broder “To navigate is needed, but to live in the sea, you must have wit to face its waves and its flows…” (“Navegar”, Mario Broder) After 11 years as a vocal with Funk’N Lata (between 2000 and 2003) and Farofa Carioca (from

2004 until 2013), Mario Broder faces, with wit and talent, the challenge of releasing your first solo album as a singer and songwriter. And “Balanço Diferente” shows that it was worth the wait. At age 34, this carioca from the West Zone in Rio who started in music yet as child, liquefies your influences and experiences with an album that has samba as its basis, but it converses with inventiveness of the pop world. With the exception of a composition from the Bahiansambista, Batatinha, “Conselheiro”, the repertoire belongs, entirely, to Broder, alternating partnerships with Sandro Marcio, Valmir Ribeiro (both partners from Farofa Carioca), Elza Soares, Bernardo Vilhena and Antônio de Pádua. Elza Soares, beyond partner, sings