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Martin Ruhland is a music producer from Germany. Already as a child he showed great interest in music and experimented with various instruments. He learned for example how to play the piano and the drums. Later his interest expanded equally to music production and in 2012 he started the project "Square a Saw". For him music production is an exciting way to make music. His songs are mainly generated electronically and with virtual instruments. He said: "I find it particularly interesting that it is a great mix of creative and technical work". What he means is that brainstorming and composing is a very creative and imaginative work, but the implementation requires a lot of technical understanding concerning the equipment and software programs. As time passed little experiments turned into songs and his music developed as he got more experienced. His main goal is to reach other people with his music and to inspire them to create new music or other kinds of art themselves. And it seems to work: The Square a Saw project has already been accessed over five million times on Jamendo, its songs have been downloaded around 300,000 times. With this background and his passion for music Martin can't wait to continue his journey and create new songs for you in the future.