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-Remain Silent- Remain Silent is the industrial hardcore project by Yuuhei Morita(JP), started in 2017. He has been create many tracks which has distinctive emotionical atmosphere, since he joined 'Illegal wave Records' crew. Lo-Fi sound, Edged kick, and euphoric melodies are His character, expresses atmosphere like the otherworldly mind. In recent years, He is active in many fields by other alias,

as Right as Rain, and Myrrh. -Remain Silent- Yuuhei Moritaによるインダストリアルハードコアを主軸としたソロプロジェクト。 より実験的な音を追求するための別名義であるMyrrh、Right as Rainとしても活動している。 == Other Alias == ◆Morita yuuhei - Spotify : Morita yuuhei ◆Remain Silent - Spotify : Remain Silent ◆Myrrh - Spotify : Myrrh ◆Right as Rain - Spotify : Right as Rain