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"Nostalgia Maestro“ "There is a therapy for all here and a reminder to connect in an age where many are becoming increasingly isolated“ "I find listening to Tim Linghaus' work makes one see the beautiful things in the world“ "Superb. Magical. Transient. How in less than 30min can an album of sketches turn a heart upside-down with deep emotion? Each 'sketch' has a special soul of its own, no matter the duration" "Tim has a unique way to craft albums. Honest, raw, beautiful." "One of the most impressive records in 2018" "A very quiet music, very sensitive and fragile" "A luminous album" "The light piano sings that just makes my mind immediately picture scenes“ __________ Memory Sketches II is my second piano music album and releases in October 2021 (Schole Records/1631 Recordings).