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MikeBeezy RapKing is an African American and is best known as a Rap Artist specializing in Hip Hop and Conscious music. With over 1000 followers and subscribers on YouTube and Spotify, MikeBeezy RapKing’s content has over 2.5 million total views since 2018. MikeBeezy RapKing has collaborated and performed with Young Buck, Traphaven Phosday Productions, Redd Tabb Clyde, Ken1 and Division1Ent. MikeBeezy RapKing has released multiple projects including a challenge called THE GV365 CHALLENGE. RapKing has been a songwriter since 2009 when he wrote and recorded his first verse with his best friend Lil Cobi. In 2016, MikeBeezy RapKing performed in a club in Atlanta, GA where he then became a sensation to the city. MikeBeezy RapKing also went on an International Tour and gained worldwide attention. MikeBeezy RapKing started a clothing company called “BlaQ Kings Entertainment ” and is now the Owner of a very successful business.