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Wilco? Tom Waits? Daniel Johnston played by a free jazz combo or maybe an Ed Sheeran-Stravinsky crossover? «Tired Of Your Smile», the new album by silent neighbor, is just as multifaceted and sometimes seemingly contradictory as these comparisons suggest. The unconventional songwriter and his unusual band take trips in every direction: after a theatrical beginning, beautiful pop and folk melodies emerge just to be torn apart by soundscapes that are reminiscent of 19th and 20th century compositions, as well as complex harmonies borrowed from the world of contemporary jazz. «Tired Of Your Smile» is an album filled with musical wit and lyrical poignancy, bipolar emotional states and unexpected turns, but still is accessible to the listener. At the heart of it, there’s always the songwriter’s craft: a clear structure, textual consistency and reduction to the max. Line up: Philipp Saner: vocals, guitars, composition Philipp Hillebrand: clarinet, bassclarinet Joachim Karl Melchior Flüeler: cello Maxime Paratte: drums, electronics