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In the autumn of 2004 the Brazilian backlands saw the birth of an unique musical conjunction, that only a land of mixtures would be able to generate. Fluently mixing elements ranging from Extreme Metal to Jazz, Dynahead would break conventions by putting together technique, taste and aggression without falling into exaggeration or cliché. The debut Antigen (2009) enraptured fans of heavy music with their unique approach, and the concept album Youniverse (2011) satiated listeners thirsty for new experiences with a deeper and more progressive flair. Their following album, the monumental concept piece Chordata, a metaphorical tale based on the biological evolution of life and civilization, was released in two parts in 2013 and 2014. Caio Duarte (Ifall) - Vocals, samplers, drums, production Diogo Mafra (Almah) - Guitar Pablo Vilela - Guitar Diego Teixeira - Bass Fred Colaço - Live Drums