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You cannot ignore this idiosyncratic, cheeky but gentle talent. Ferry de Ruiter breaks with all labels that are placed on music and on people! Early on, music and all different instruments were carefully listened to at home. From 60’s soul to 90’s house have been of great influence on both development and sound of this artist. As the first person worldwide in The Voice to participate in drag, Ferry was awarded the Dutch Rainbow Award for Best Media Moment in 2015. After working on various projects Ferry decided to change his name into Not.Your.Regular.Boy. in 2017. After releasing 4 singles under that alias they decided to put the power back into its own hands and split with their producer in 2019. The performance of Creep in the opening of the Jos Brink Award in 2019 was the re-introduction to the world as Ferry de Ruiter. After performances on the Dam (Amsterdam) and shows with the band on various pop clubs and stages such as Paradiso to her name, Ferry de Ruiter released the long-awaited solo single So Close, which she wrote with Eurovision Song Contest winner Duncan Laurence