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The influence of South Georgia and blue-collar work ethic can be heard in the storytelling lyrics of Daniel’s past projects. His undeniably authentic voice brings to life his unique perspective as a singer/songwriter. Daniel connects with his audience by combining a classic country sound with a new era twist, ultimately carving out his own lane for an edgy musical experience. His influence of 90’s greats and current icons can be heard and experienced in his invigorating and show stopping live shows. With plans for a full calendar and numerous shows already booked in 2021, Daniel will no doubt be keeping audiences on their feet with his revitalizing energy and upcoming new releases such as the upbeat, nostalgic new single, “Good Old Days.” As soon as “Good Old Days” begins, listeners are met with a knee slapping melody that will have them humming along. Daniel details his upbringing and reminisces on traditions, allowing his fan base an inside look at what made Daniel, Daniel. The song comes full circle when it brings home the point that sometimes we don’t really realize that we’re living in the best moments until those moments become a memory and we find ourselves wishing we could go back to the “Good Old Days.”