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For Kira Fontana, creating music has always been spiritual. After studying classical composition on the East Coast, Kira moved to LA to begin her music career. Discouraged with what she saw in the industry and finding no real place for her music, she eventually stopped writing and singing. But at the end of 2017, something changed. Kira had been “spiritual, but not religious” for many years, but several members of her family became born-again Christians. Kira began praying to “see truth.” After months of praying this simple prayer, she had a revelation. “I finally saw the world for what it was instead of what I wanted it to be, and I began to see my own need for Jesus,” Kira said. Coming to the end of herself, she remembers praying one night, “God, why did you even make me?” That very night, she woke from a dream as a song flashed through her head. She got up and recorded the chorus melody to “Refuge”. She didn’t know it at the time, but this was God’s answer. This melody He gave her was a new beginning in her life as a worshipper. Her first single, In Your Arms, is Kira’s testimony of coming to faith, and learning to trust God through the transformation. It’s a song of triumph, about discovering the freedom that comes through abiding in Jesus. Kira’s songs are prayers to the God who saved her and gave her new life, and proof that the blind still regain their sight. God still calls people out of the darkness into His marvelous light. For more, visit