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Nightsons are a group of artists, songwriters, producers, musicians and professionals determined to change music. Nightsons, LLC is based in Indianapolis, IN and is one of the more advanced production companies originating from the Midwest. Practically versed in every facet of creating and marketing a record, Nightsons, LLC continues to be the go-to team when artists want to elevate their presentations. Whether it be songwriting, production, mixing, recording, brand awareness or product coordination, Nightsons, LLC delivers the factors and the forces that strive to change music. Band Members: Shadowkat Nightson, Warren Harris a/k/a Three V, Beatroom, Greenlaw, Sho-Down, Fo-Doose, Bam Bam, Alley Cat, K-Real, Rogue Nightson, SoulCineMatik, Brandis Gossett, Mike Payne, Mtu, Tony Styxx, Chuck Mason, Pariah Da Poetic, Bashiri Asad, Skypp and Christopher Drake Bates.