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Fraternity quickly rose to prominence in the Australian music industry after forming in 1970. Led by Bassist Bruce Howe, the perfectionist, alongside seasoned guitarist Mick Jurd, the group was synonymous with the quality of their live performances and original material. Each member was a sought-after experienced performer: John Bisset, the master of the draw bars on the Hammond organ; John Freeman, with the best right foot in the business, and the lead vocalist Bon Scott, who went on to worldwide fame with AC/DC. With the help of manager Hamish Henry, Fraternity were soon performing with acts such as Deep Purple, Manfred Mann, Free and Black Sabbath. Fraternity continued to evolve musically, eventually adding the elusive harp extraordinaire, Uncle John Eyers, and multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Sam See to the line-up. Their complex musical arrangements and originality influenced following generations, including some of Australia's greatest musicians such as JImmy Barnes and Swanee. In 2021, historian and music promotor Victor Marshall uncovered lost recordings and wrote the band's biography 'Fraternity: Pub Rock Pioneers'. This culminated in the band reuniting for a 50th anniversary concert.

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