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Brian Bohlman purchased his first mountain dulcimer at age 16 and began composing instrumental medleys. In 1990, he recorded his first album, A Light in the Darkness, which was later released as a digital album and CD in 2019. For Christmas 2019, Brian purchased a new electric mountain dulcimer handcrafted by Jack Ferguson of Appalachian Flutes and Dulcimers ( Brian uses chorus, reverb, and tempo delay effects to create a unique ambient genre sound. He composes most songs in the Ionian (DAA) tuning mode. Listeners enjoy using his instrumental medleys as background music to enhance times of rest, prayer, meditation, and study. His music is also featured in spas and massage clinics. Proceeds from his music sales are used to help support charitable causes. To order Brian’s music or contact him, visit YouTube Music Videos: Album Releases: Jan 1990 (Remastered 2019) - A Light in the Darkness (Mountain Dulcimer) Mar 2020 – NEW BEGINNING, Vol 1. (Mountain Dulcimer Instrumentals) Mar 2020 - NEW BEGINNING, Vol 2. (Mountain Dulcimer Instrumentals) May 2020 - UPLIFTED: Mountain Dulcimer Instrumentals July 2020 - RENEWED: Mountain Dulcimer Instrumentals Oct 2020 - From Darkness to Light: Mountain Dulcimer Instrumentals (Remastered) Dec 2020 - CHRISTMAS JOY: Mountain Dulcimer Instrumentals Jan 2021 - INSPIRED: Mountain Dulcimer Instrumentals