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Rain Sounds


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    Sleep Rain
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    Rain Builds
We Love The Sound Of Rain
People have been using rain sounds to help them fall asleep from the beginning of time. This is because we all love the sound of rain as it helps us to relax and fall asleep faster. In addition, it is also very hard for most of us to be able to wake up whenever it is raining outside. This is even harder in the instances where the weather is a bit colder and we tend to want to continue snuggling in bed while it rains outside.
But Why Do We Love The Rain Sounds?
The question of why we love the sound of rain has been asked many times. One of the reasons as to why we love the rain sounds, can be linked to our need to mask annoying noises at night. Since ‘white noise’ is one of the best ways to help conceal other racket which often impede us from sleeping, the rain sounds are music to our ears. For those that live in the city, the nights can be full of sounds which tend to keep us awake. The rain usually covers all other noises and allows us to concentrate on the monotone rain sounds instead. As our brains and minds often think of many things while we are trying to sleep, focusing on these thoughts can keep us from being able to slumber. On the other hand, the white-noise effect from the rain allow our minds to fixate our thoughts on the rain sound, instead of anything else. The end results are people winding up relaxing easier and thus falling asleep faster.
Author: Fatih Hançer


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