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Set To Change’s new kind of punk hardcore mixes different influences: no limits, no labels when it comes to writing music. The path to finding their own, distinct sound inspired the name as well. The world is in a state of constant change, but bound to rules that standardize it. Let’s instead try to disconnect from those rules, and find out who we really are without letting anyone or anything dictate what we should be, or do. STILL TORN - NEW SINGLE Still Torn, their new single due out in early June will align with the familiar topic of finding ourselves, dealing with education and the construction of self as human beings. How can we leave the tracks set by our parents or guardians? If we want to reconstruct ourselves, do we learn from our mistakes or do we try and learn lessons from someone else’s past? The single is a step forward from the EP, sonically, having been written with a new lineup, and with new metalcore and melodic influences. The band aims to maintain its grungy moments to give the riffs and rhythmic parts more impact, while incorporating ambient and melodic instances. THE GREAT NOTHING - DEBUT EP Debut EP “The Great Nothing” was released in March 2019. The four-track release was recorded at Grey Matter Studio with Robin Mariat from Resolve. “The Great Nothing” deals with subjects such as finding one’s true self in this world, and how to become a better version of ourselves despite the pressures of society. Pictures: Apolline Cornuet Photography