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London-based contemporary queer pop artist Matteo Ranieri’s music blends Pop/R&B with profound lyricism and offers a snapshot on his own views and ethics. 
 Exposed Vocals Magazine hailed Matteo as “recalling Prince at his finest”. 
 His latest single Song of Freedom was featured on Trending Tunes of 2021 - Chart Music - New Music - Top Hits and numerous other playlists surpassing the 100K streams milestone in only two months. Shortly after, he worked with the highly acclaimed Enrico Meloni on Song of Freedom (Remixes) reaching clubs all over the world, most recently in Madrid. 
 Matteo performed on the prestigious Pride In London stage in Trafalgar Square and held numerous digital live events throughout the pandemic delivering an incredible social message with visuals, interludes and music that centred around the themes of equality and mental health. 
 A true advocate for LGBTQIA+ and mental health, Matteo Ranieri actively the community with useful resources on his website. In 2020 he founded Ranieri Records, a queer contemporary pop record label. His debut album is set to be released in 2021.