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Sun, Moon & Talia are a Manchester-based alt-pop duo, comprised of Natalia Tavini and Max Homberger. They creatively combine electronic and organic soundscapes with Natalia’s ethereal and soulful vocals; to engineer an idiosyncratic atmosphere that is utterly hypnotic and other-wordly. Opened for: Chloe Foy, The Plimp Souls and Ambiere Played at: Night & Day Cafe, The Deaf Institute, The Whiskey Jar, Night People and Jimmys NQ -- “Their distinctive sound draws influence from all corners of the alternative, culminating in an avant-garde soundscape that is hard to pin down, but instantly absorbing. They do a great job of translating this to the stage as well, gaining them a stellar reputation for putting on a good show.” Louise Dodgson, The Unsigned Guide “‘Encapsulating otherworldly influences, you are transported to an immensely musical place.’ Dave Beech, Listen To Discover