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Pop-folk singer-songwriter Jenny Bruce has a lot of hopeful, if sometimes hard life-stories to tell, artfully weaving them into the fabric of her songs that unfolds for her listeners like a soft linen handkerchief in the warm summer breeze. Jenny's distinctive, clear voice glides confidently from breathy to resonant in a seamless fashion. Striking all the right emotional chord. Ears open. Hearts open. Jenny Bruce has the keys. 
 Born and raised in Manhattan, Jenny blends elements of pop, folk, rock, and country music to create a melodic, comforting, and at times deeply moving listening experience. 
 After releasing 3 independent albums and one EP, Jenny is finally releasing an album of previously unheard recordings from her creative vault, calling the collection "Closet Songs." Stay tuned! 
 Over the years, Jenny's music has won many songwriting awards (Billboard, ISC, John Lennon and dozens more) and you’ve heard her songs on Dawson’s Creek, Ghost Whisperer, The Today Show, King of the Hill, All My Children, Jake 2.0, Children’s Hospital and in several independent films including, “Sex And The Other Man” starring Stanely Tucci and Ron Eldard for which she composed original songs. 
 A 1999 Lilith Fair Talent Search finalist Bruce’s song “Home” from her 2001 release, Soul On Fire was included as the only track from an “unsigned” artist on a popular Martha Stewart compilation CD, featuring Alison Krauss, Barenaked Ladies, Lucinda Williams, and other well-known artists.