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I believe people want to feel. We want to feel alive. We want to feel hope, excitement, peace, joy. Sometimes we just want to cry. I believe that music is the catalyst that can awaken that in all of us. That’s why I write music filled with stories of real life – to help us have that vehicle to experience life with all of our emotions ignited. 
 I share my experiences openly in song, be it love, loss, the hurts or the victories in life, so you can hopefully connect with them and know you’re not alone on your journey. We are all here together, in some crazy way connected with each other, trying to live that life that leaves a positive impact on humanity. 
 We aren’t all creatives. Not all of us can create music or write songs. However, we all have our purpose in life – that one thing we were created to do, so we’re able to enrich each other’s lives. I believe music is the way I am able to bring hope, joy, inspiration, peace and honesty to you and hopefully in the process, make your journey a little better. 
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