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STEREO FREEDOM are NEO-HIPPIES and GENRE-NOMADS. About their recent Single 'WAKE UP CALL': It all started with the Guitar Lick, that inspired them to create an energetic song with an 80s retro vibe combined with a contemporary production. The Song is about the urgency, from their point of view, at this time in this crazy World we live in, for humanity to finally wake up and create a new Earth. 'In order for each one of us to participate in creating a better reality, we need to disclose deception, dig for the truth and evolve as a heart-guided species.' Their musical journey is led by their native intuition for whatever song urges to speak up in the very moment. It's about telling their honest stories. Sing-along hooks are the duo's frequency to connect with the audience and listeners on a deeper level. Performing live is their biggest passion. ‚On stage we love to create an intimate momentum between you and ourselves.‘ STEREO FREEDOM are a multi-ethnical duo, born in South America and North Africa, currently located in Germany, the Netherlands, France and the United States. These 360° DIY artists shape and stretch pop in all eclectic directions, be it a dreamy singer-songwriter theme, a heavy guitar anthem or a danceable disco beat. If there’s a detectable guideline, it’s catchy hooks and feels. „We consider every song a being. We communicate and co-create with it."