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People Corrupting People, Music for People Who Hate Music. PCP, yes that P-to-the-C-to-the-P, is a 6-Piece Genre-Fluid, booty shakin', joke tellin', mosh pittin', beer drinkin', Orwellian Corporate anit-hero musical expirience boasting a trombone, violin, kazzoo, theremin, light show, color coordinated uniforms and more stage pressence than there is stage! Founded by two best friends from Arizona (Nate Nepsky and Nick Cormier), PEOPLE CORRUPTING PEOPLE (PCP) was born in Denver, CO on September 11th, 2014. The ever evolving group has grown to include horn, string, and theremin players to blend the lines of musical definition. Influenced greatly by punk and ska, these party suits can never stick to one genre! Always managing to capture the high-energy performance brought to their shows, it’s no surprise PCP has 11 releases under their belt, with no sign of slowing down. People Corrupting People's music is always available for FREE to download from the band’s website: Releases: The Animal Farm Chronicles Episode 1 Consumer Horse

(2014) Episode 2 Corporate Pig