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Queen Cabbage was born into the royal family of the Lettuce Kingdom, during the age of delectable and delicate "bibb" lettuce. The subjects of the Lettuce Kingdom experienced delicious flavors and scintillating textures, but eventually became gravely malnourished and entered a period of extreme poverty. During this period, Princess Lettuce desperately began to search for a hardy, nutritionally dense crop to supplant the lettuce. It was after this search that the Princess became Princess Cabbage, and then—upon King Lettuce's demise—Queen Cabbage. Munching on the hearty new crop of choice, the subjects of the Cabbage Queendom soon transformed into the rosy-cheeked, industrious spirits that they had always known they could be. Cabbage cost them next to nothing to grow, and it fed everyone. It was only then, with full stomachs and quickly filling hearts, that the subjects could seek their individual voices and truths. The Queen, relieved of sustenance-seeking efforts, now croons and screams as seems fit to express these voices and truths. The people of the Cabbage Queendom have amassed near-canonical bodies of philosophy and literature, denouncing excess and lifting up justice and peace unlike any nation the modern world has seen yet. Through the Queen, Cabbage Queendom subjects voice their perspectives to this exhausted rock of a planet.<br>