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We are on a mission to see God’s Word planted in as many homes and hearts possible around the world. We have created 15 albums and over 176 videos to word-for-word scripture for kids and families. We encourage churches to use God’s Word in Kids Worship so kids can be worshiping God while memorizing His Word. We also make resources and curate resources for the church and family to help kids grow closer to God. We have distributed over 500,000 albums and have over 33 million music streams… all of God’s Word! What does Seeds Family Worship provide? 1. God's Word In Kids Worship! Over 175 songs and videos to word-for-word scripture! 2. Life-changing resouces for home & church! 3. Family discipleship delivered to your doorstep with the Seeds Family Box. 4.Powerful, fun, LIVE WORSHIP EVENTS for the Whole Family! 5. Family Worship Made Simple with our Family Worship Guides & More. 6. Video Worship to word-for-word scripture with hand motions. 7. The best word-for-word scripture songs & videos! 8. Lots more... check us out at: