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The Babes is a 4 piece Hardcore-punk-Crust-Celtic-rock DIY line up formed in 2015 and based in London. They invented their own style: snotty, two fingers in the air Hardcore Punk Rock with bagpipes, bringing together Colombian, North American and UK backgrounds and featuring ex-touring members of punk legends Total Chaos and Blitz. The Babes self-released their debut album "Greetings from London" engineered, produced, mixed and mastered at IMW Studios by Mao Holiday with the support of Colin Smith, David Clark Allen, and Sean Bartle. Since then, they have toured France, Brittany, Switzerland, Nederlands, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Wales, Germany, Mexico and England. The Babes have been sharing the stage with The Real McKenzies, Warwound, Icons of Filth, Disorder, Agathocles, The Restarts, The Kids, Disturbance, Total Chaos, Blatoidea, Acidez, Breakout, Hagar the Womb, Nausea Bomb, Lobotomia, Left for Dead, Jabul Gorba, Grand Collapse, Rabies Babies, Migraña Social and, many others. The Babes have been playing at Rebellion Festival, Bearded Theory's Spring Gathering, Convoy Cabaret, No Dirty Rules Fest, Strive for Live Fest, Borderline Fest, etc. ​The Babes self-released on September 30, 2019 "Literally a Single" an EP that contains 'CONDEMNED' and 'Only Life We Know' recorded in London by Life of Strife Productions, mixed, produced and mastered by Mao Holiday. They toured Mexico last December 2019, and will be releasing a new album pronto!